I want my wife to become addicted to black men. I love slutty women and want an easy wife that can't stand up for herself so they take advantage of her. She looks to me for help but I know she likes it. I'm afraid that she would do it anyway( an old girlfriend was like that) so I never try to stop them. They always get what they want even with me there. I feel I'm a sick pervert. I want a w**** for a wife.

Sep 2, 2014

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  • No you dont, i tricked my wife into having s** with a couple black guys when she was 18. I took her to a party at these black guys house, a d then i snuck off. They called me 9 hours later to come pick her up, she was drugged and had obviously had s**. She didnt remember er a thing the next day. She cut me off completely 21 years ago, after our youngest son was born. She told me she knew i had given her to them ,she tried to fight it, she had been cheating all those years, and now, she was BLACK ONLY.she is 52 now and hasnt had a little white d*** in 21 years. And never will. Be careful what you wish for.

  • One of your other commenters said something that is perfectly true, and that is that you need to be very careful with this situation and be careful what you ask for. Last year, the wife of my best friend convinced him to let her become a hotwife. She said she loved him and would never leave him, and he and their kids would always be her first priority. Less than six months later, she was dating multiple black men and looking for more, and contrary to the "rules" of hotwifing, she would never offer any details or inform him of any plans, and the family was no kind of priority to her at all. He begged her to stop, begged her to stay, but she left the family and has been literally whoring herself out to any black d*** she can climb on: the woman CANNOT get enough and she admits that constantly. What he thought was going to be a sexual thrill has turned into a personal nightmare. Yours could, too.

  • NO black d*** in white p**** amen brother

  • I would not be surprised to find out that your white wife/gf has a black d*** on the side that unloads in her then she comes home and makes you clean her p**** with your mouth and fill your tummy with loads of a black man's c**,lol.

  • what a great GREAT reply.......and so totally true...

  • Once you go black you don't go back ..lol sorry could not resist that saying and no I am not a black man ..lol
    Anyway have you ask your wife to do this ?
    Would love to be the fly on the wall to hear her reaction probably p***** off at first then a week latter she will be saying lets do it !!!
    Best way I would do it is , watch p*** with your wife find a p*** that has black guys with a wife and then ask her ..

  • I feel the opposite, I don't want any chick I know or am involved with to have any black d*** at all - have no reason at all for it. Not a white power dude or have anything to do with all those retarded groups of people, but not a fan of seeing black d*** inside a white chick, kills my b****.

  • You son or daughter is gonna be f****** or marrying a black person.I can see it in your future.

  • So are you saying that non- black women who are into black men are s****? Most men who have wanted their women to f*** black men have ended up crying,devastated,divorced,neglected and miserable because the women tend to change forever. Thats probably why you did not marry your ex gf. Be careful what you wish for.

  • It's the fact that they are letting themselves get f***** by other men only because they have bigger d****. The weakness excites me and how nasty it is. Blackmen have an edge for better or worse of being considered more sexual and its that that the women can't resist. The proof is how much they control the women and make them do the nastiest things. The more extreme it gets the harder it is to go back to "vanilla" s**. That is what excites me. I have had all three of my wives try s** with other men. But when it is blackmen it is the best. The part that scares me is that I would let things happen that I know could be bad for the relationship. I let women do what they want because I figure that's what they are going to do anyway.

  • "I let women do what they want because I figure that's what they are going to do anyway".I have f***** many married women of different races in my life.Even if they were not married,women are going to do what it is they wanna do.They will do it in whatever way they see fit,regardless of what you,their mother,or popular opinion says. You are basically damned if you say yes or damned if you say no.They have the freedom,married or not.I totally agree with you on that one.

  • That's bullshit, I'd give any black dude a run for his money, most dudes just don't know WTF they're doing.

  • ^^ every word is true ^^. she will be changed, literally, "forever", as this commenter says. forever.

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