I'm 15 with a crush on a 36 year old man

Just a short while back I was invited to my boyfriend'a uncle's birthday party. I know I'm only 15 and there would be only adults there so I didn't expect much and thought it might've been a bit of a bore. I went nevertheless for my boyfriends sake.

The man hosting the party was my boyfriend's 36 year old cousin. He was absolutely charming and polite and treated me like a lady. He was a delight to be around.

I have always liked older men as I find people closer to my age are extremely immature and I find it difficult to bond with someone like that. I am not a typical 15 year old as I do not go out late partying, sneaking out the house or sleeping around with guys, nor do I smoke or take any drugs. I would like to think I'm a good girl.

Anyway, during this party I did not know this man was 36, I honestly thought he was in his 20's. He knew I was 15 so that didn't matter. He spoke to me a lot and the moment I saw him I was instantly attracted.

We both spoke all night long. He even asked to dance, it wasn't the dirty type of dancing that's awfully crude and inappropriate. It was just messing about and he was encouraging me to let go and have fun. I was also drinking at the party; something I never do. So I got a bit drunk and honestly he thought I was hilarious.

We spoke deeply about things and he made me laugh. Throughout the night I wasn't entirely sure if he was flirting with me or not. He kept winking at me and he was constantly completing me.

At one point him and a family friend were discussing how much they thought I was beautiful. And his comment was "if only I was 10 year younger" then followed by "you're absolutely stunning".

Nearing the end of the night, he was being more flirtatious and he was constantly staring at me. At one point I didn't want to go to the toilet because there was a couple upstairs arguing in his bedroom so I felt awkward, he held my hand and took me to the toilet and waited outside for me. He held my hand tight and squeezed it.

Then when we were waiting for our taxi home at 4am a few of us were in the living room and he kept staring at me, he winked at me Everytime I looked at him and I noticed even when I looked away he just looked at me, and looked at my face only.

Then when the taxi arrived, we all said out goodbyes. I said goodbye first and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then right before I got in the taxi I was waiting for my boyfriends mother and then he hugged me again and kissed me on my cheek, but he almost kissed my lips. Then he gave me a really tight squeeze hug and didn't let go. Then winked at me again.

Honestly I am not naive enough to think it would ever turn into anything serious because I know it won't. Nor will I cheat on my boyfriend. But I really like this man, and I know he likes me too. I would also like to add, that he isn't a pedophile at all, and I cannot stress that enough. I am 16 in a few months which makes sexual relations legal ( I live in te Uk) and I feel maybe I could release my urges just one time.


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  • Oh didn't see you were in the UK, well if 16 is it then you better wait. Better safe then sorry.

  • Like the one fellow said before, this post sounds fishy. If you are a girl of 15 and a 36 year old is acting like that you'll probably get pregnant, he will go to jail and you'll never see him again and eventually regret the idea of ever being with him. This is most likely the scenario and if you don't believe me GOOGLE it and you'll see what happens in these cases. Being a mature 15 year old won't make for a good defense in court for your boyfriend either. They don't rule on a case like this based on maturity, they rule on chronological. So my suggestion, find somebody your own age or wait 3 years to be with this fantastic guy for his sake and yours.

    If your the 36 year old guy who is in l*** with the 15 year old then the above still applies. Better get yourself in check real quick, stop posting, distance yourself and find at least an 18 year old. Your playing with fire and to be honest you aren't smart enough to get away with it because you already are posting stories about it. Also if you feel in love with this girl then this girl will be worth waiting 3 years for which beats 25 to life. Not that I endorse it at that point but at the very least you can't be convicted of a crime for it.

  • At 15 I had feelings for my friends mom. His dad was a drunk and treated her like s***. I wanted ot protect her but most of all I wanted to s**** her. I got the chance one day. He had beat her up and i came and held her. Knowing he was gone for a few days I knew it was ok. I stuck her that day a few times. Stuck her several mroe times on other days. She was my mom fettish and so nice in bed.

  • I had a relationship with the mom of one of my friends when I was in high school, too. She was the best f*** I ever had. Second place? Not even close. I would still be with her but she dumped me when somebody younger came along. The only positive after that was that she dumped that kid, too, and also for somebody younger. That was almost ten years ago (where does the f****** time go?), and she's been through four guys in that time. What can I say? The woman likes the young d***: can't get enough of it. And let me tell you: if this woman wants the f****** d***, she gets the f****** d***.

  • What gives away the fact that this wasn't written by a 15yo is the use of certain words no 15yo would ever use, in print or in life, e.g.: nevertheless, charming, delight, inappropriate, throughout, etc. I guess it doesn't matter how old the person is who wrote this, or what s** they are (or that this is the beginning of a male fantasy, not a recitation of a female fact), but it should matter that it's not true. This isn't true.

  • I wish I had a young, beautiful girl l****** after me... wow.

  • Sad for you but i do it all tge time even 12

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