Girls advice on my girlfriends behavior ( or possibly kink?)

Ok so I post this here because after a while of being in a relationship I have to ask you other females a question. My girlfriend after a few years has recently told me a few things that has me worried about her after a long road trip to just talk alone. Now I knew most of everything about her and what would please her but it’s been a few years now. While on the trip back home right before we left we saw a movie that had a bunch of girls that were hitting guys in their b****. Now I was moreso watching the action part of the film but now looking back on it she kinda thought that was funny and laughed a little at a few of them. That’s when on the ride home she told me that was honestly her favorite part of the movie watching all of those. Now I was kinda surprised and speachless not knowing how to respond and to follow that she has told me that she herself had done that plenty of times in her life and always loved it and did it for fun. To later tell me that her favorite time was in high school she went to a party at a friends and when she got there she said there was only 5 girls there all of them had their boyfriends present at the time and being the one that was boyfriendless she just tried to pry the girls away from their boyfriends to go to the other room to talk. To talk them into a debate about what guy is the strongest and after a few muscular tests the girls said she then said no how about a different way to show it. The girls asked how and she told them why don’t you girls kick them in the b**** and she who can take more kicks which they loved and thought was perfect but knew their boyfriends wouldn’t do it and started talking about it to themselves. While my girlfriend slipped out to the other room and said to all their boyfriends that the all the girls think their boyfriends are so weak and are not men at all. Now as they talk about who’s stronger she said that’s fine and all but (lying) that all 5 girls would have s** with whoever was the one who took more kicks to the b****. Then with that is whoever is really a man would sack up and take it and see who can last longer between them just to stir the pot between them. To go back into the girls and talk them into being bold enough to ask them (lying) because they would do it in a heartbeat. She watched all 5 girls line up with their boyfriends and before taking turns down the line one at a time all guys can’t have baggy pants blocking it so drop everything off the bottom to see the target. The girls later ask her to try it. She said out of the 5 guys she took 3 out completely. That of which I was still speachless. Now she has a daughter (which I love so much but isn’t mine) and also said that she wants to tell her about how to do it once she starts “filling out”. And if her daughter asks her about if she has done it before she’s going to tell her all the stories and if she ever got into trouble for it she’s not going to punish her but rather get her nails done or something nice that day talking about it. Which threw me off but before I could say something she said loud enough for me to hear I really wish I had a guy that would let me do that. I then said with confusion and shock to that reply I said are you trying to say you’d want to kick me in the b****? Followed was a quick yes that would be amazing and overpowering me with words of how amazing I would be and how much she’d love that and love me for that. Now I’m lost and confused about everything I don’t know how to talk to her about this now but I keep stalling that “day” but she said all girls have done it once before what’s the big deal. This is after a few years now I do very much love her and everything about her but this is worrisome and she is more excited about this then ive dam well ever seen. I don’t wanna be a disappointment to her but at the same time I’d like to still be a man. I’m like lost for words and don’t know how to “stall” this forever. Which is why this is put into the relationship section as I need some advice on what to do. Girls I’d love your input on this as to how you think she is? And how to not let her down but avoid it and still keep her and excite her maybe in any other way? I’m lost and need some advice.


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  • All that text to try and feed your idiotic kink? Get a real hobby, fool.

  • Here's some sage advice, go FUCKYOURSELF

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