My brother got married to Deana about six years ago, a first marriage for both of them. Things were fine for about a year, and then he discovered she had been cheating on him since before the wedding. They got divorced soon after. The whole family hated her, and so did I. Then on Valentines Day night, my wife and I were out at a restaurant and bar and we ran into Deana and her third husband (second since my brother). She had gained a good bit of weight but damn she looked good. Damn! She noticed that I kept looking at her (couldn't take my eyes off her, honestly), and she kept smiling at me while they were at their table and we were at ours. Before she and her husband left, she motioned me away from my wife, and gave me her new cell number and said "call me......you know you want to!" Then she winked at me and made a BJ sign with her hand and mouth as she and her husband were leaving. I couldn't resist the temptation, so I called her the next night, and we got together that night and had the best s** in history. She told me while we were still in bed, "I'm going to completely wreck your marriage, and steal you from your wife". Now she calls me like 8-10 times a day and tells me that I have to come get her and take her somewhere and f*** her. She's all I want and all I can think about. I thought this would just be a fling but it's serious. My entire family -- parents, brother, sisters, everybody -- would kill me if I left home for Deana, but I don't think I can stop this.

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  • Stop having s** with her. Then when she tries to out you, just deny it and tell everyone the b**** it crazy. Tell everyone that it's all lies and she still trying to destroy your family. They'll believe you because they already hate her.

  • Yes, I get your point. She has spent her entire life lying. Her whole life is a lie, and everyone will readily believe she's lying if her lips are moving.

  • She will wreck your life then move on to a different guy. Everyone thinks *they* are the exception to the rule. Most are not. If you continue on, you will regret it.

  • I think this is probably true. She's always been a me-first person, and never cared for anyone else. She tells me she's in love with me all the time, but it never sounds like she means it. Thanks.

  • If you can't stop it then start pushing her to extremes so at least you have some leverage. C** all over her face and take pictures of her walking in public like a w****. F*** her in the ass, fist her p****, p*** on her. Take control!

  • I like the sound of that, all of it. :) She is nasty enough to allow all of that . . . and love it!

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