Men Haters

There sure seems to be a lot of men haters on here. All men are dogs?? Maybe those women are just b******?? If you hate all men, it only leaves a few options: l****, masturbation or nothing at all. have fun.

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  • ^ Bend over sweetie. You're about to be f***** over again.
    : )

  • Men are walking dogs in heat - give them a mop and they would f*** that!

  • Its like thinking that all guys are selfish and are no good in bed. BZZZT if you think that, you need to try more. That, or all the good ones are taken.

  • Just because you have bad experience with a few guys that means you hate them all? That's a lot of hate to be carrying around in your heart. Do you hate all women because a few of them are bitchy to you?

  • 3 up. Trolling for responses huh? People have shades of assholeness. Sometimes its not there, and other times they just let it all go.

    But yea, there are some in each gender that hates the other, for some reason or other. And there are so many reasons why.

  • Wow, everyone was doing so well before the last two people, Neither of you are fine examples of s***, I mean really, the last two posters are why I am in favor of retroactive abortion for such mental giants as you two.

  • ^you're an idiot. Oh, by the way, its not men who end up in the hospital with things like carrots, candybars, and hotdogs broke off in their c**** you idiot.

  • All men are dogs- p***** in heat - give them a hole in a wall- guarantee they will f*** it.

  • OMG people are trying to say men and women can be good and decent people. this particular event will never happen again on this website, I'm almost glad redneck zelda posted two above me, just to let me know what site I'm on.
    numbers 1,2,3,5, you're all great!

  • #1 and #2 I agree with both of you, I mean yeah this website has a lot of women who talk s*** about men, but this site is just a site where people spit out whatever bullshit they think. You two enjoy your friends, and ignore dumbasses like the one above me, you idiot you gave the b****** 5 times to cheat on you? How about dumping his ass after the first time and not letting him come back?
    There are really good women and men out there, the rest need to get a clue and stop filling their heads with all that anti gender s*** that shows like The Man Show or The View spit out.

  • ^I tooke my man back 5 times and he cheeted on me every time! Dont tell me men are good. I bet if all you friends are men you are f****** them, They dont like you.

  • ^ I agree with the first part friend, but that island thing was a little silly. I'm kind of like you, I'm a woman with a lot of men friends, and I really don't hate men at all, I hate it when one of my girlfriends starts saying really bad things about men, I even tell them what I think, I'm not mean about it or anything like that I just say to them how I feel.
    You're right about the other part its just some men and women that make everyone else look bad, and I hate it.

  • I have to agree with the OP in a way, most of my friends happen to be women, and they're fairly cool about that kinda thing.
    There are some women who will just stand around and say every nasty thing they can think of when they talk about men, and thats their right, free speech and all of that.
    What I hate about that though, is they are the same ones who will act like a man can never say anything bad about a woman, I hate that one sided kind of bullshit.
    There really is no difference between men who are always saying stupid s*** about women, and women who say stupid s*** about men. Send both groups off to two different islands and let the rest of us get on with our lives, stupid ass bigots, both groups.

  • I used to say all men were a*******.
    but now ive come to realized that i dont know every guy in world.

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