Last Night

My husband's flight was delayed, so while waiting I went to a bar in the airport. Two men who were traveling together struck up a conversation and bought me three cocktails. A half hour later I was in a hotel room with a c*** in my mouth and another buried deep in my ass. The first guy came in my ass and the other came all over my face just as my phone rang. They got a good laugh as I spoke to my husband with c** all over my face. I cleaned myself up and hurried to pick him up none the wiser.

Sep 21, 2014

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  • Well, if you kept drinking you might have been too drunk to drive, so I would say you were acting responsibly. You might let your husband know this happened, maybe bring it up as a dream because while you were waiting for the flight blah blah. Hold his c*** while you tell him. If he gets hard have him f*** you. Then roleplay what happened and see how he responds. If he gets more and more excited, tell him to hurry, your husband's plane is about to land. If he pops off, you have your answer. Next time he goes on a trip, tell him you'll get to the airport early and wink. if he asks when he get off the plane increase the real number of men by +3 and see how he likes it. Tell him you never even got their names.

  • You go gal! Add a little spice to your boring s** life!

  • Cool, did you f*** your husband extra good that night knowing how naughty you had been ,it would of made me h**** later on that night thinking of it.

  • You go girl! Wish it would happen to me. I know my sister f**** around on her husband and I'm pretty sure my husband f**** around on me. I feel left out.

  • Revenge f*** me,I wont tell:)

  • That has been a fantasy of mine. A random meeting and a hot f***. I'm jealous

  • You are pretty easy - just a few drinks.

  • If this is true...why even stay married or be with anyone. If you want to be a s*** just be one on your own. Don't ruin someone else life by what you want to do in your life. You married and I hope that when you got married you were not thinking of it as I can't wait to do this to my husband. Maybe you married for money or whatever but if that's the case divorce him and tell him what you did and let him know the truth of how you are and what kind of person you are so that he may find someone else and someone better for him. You can go on and be a s*** on your own time without any worrying about picking anyone up or any of the stuff you deal with regarding him. Being a s*** is fine and fun to some people but don't ruin this guys life please.

  • I love slutty cheating married women,wish your you were sucking my black d***

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