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I've been with my gf for 3 years. We haven't had s** in quite a while... I often assume she doesn't like s** with me, because I'm always initiating and if I don't, we go long periods of time without s**. She tells me otherwise though. Anyway, now she has moved from the city I'm in for Uni (UK). And now I can't help but think about looking elsewhere to satisfy my sexual needs. I'm young and there can be so many opportunities if I wanted it. I hate this.

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  • S** isn't everything, but..We do need it. My ex wife was never really into it, so, as I'd messed around with my older sister for years, I obtained my own sexual satisfaction with her instead of ex wife. We (sister and I) enjoy it and each other, know what we like, and continue to this day. Regarding ex wife..Older sister never a fan of hers, so, also saw it as her providing something ex wife couldn't or that I really desired.

  • You need to find a new girl friend. If you are not having lots of s** now, just wait until you get married and you'll have none at all. Who knows, she may even be getting f***** by someone else and that's why you are not getting any. Like I said, I think it is time you moved on.

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