Preggo wife smokes and drinks

About a week ago my 24 year old wife found out she was preggo. problem is she smokes at least a pack a day and drinks several bottles of beer a day. the doctor told he to stop, but when I came home she was pretty hysterical about the idea of having to stop. We talked about it and I decided the best thing to do was to let her keep on smoking AND drinking. Before you judge me too much, let me say that we both sleep around, even though neither of us talk about it we both know that we do. So I have no f****** idea who the baby belongs to, so I really don't care if it gets f***** up by her smoking and drinking. I figger, just let her do what she loves to do. Why should she suffer just because she's preggo?

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  • I didn't drink, but smoked pot and cigarettes with both of my pregnancies. I used to only smoke pot occasionally, but I too found that it worked really well for morning sickness, so i started smoking it daily, along with my usual pack-and-a-half of ciggies a day. Both of my daughters turned out just fine, and now the 11 year old (the other is 8) has started smoking herself. Everyone in my family smokes, so...I guess the family tradition will be carried on. I only now wonder if and when my 8 year old will start to smoke.

  • I smoked weed the whole time with all 3 of my pregnancies and the doctor knew. I threw up the whole time I was pregnant and smoking weed was the only thing that helped to control nausea. My doctor just happened to be a weed head and in his words "God, made babies and put weed on the earth for us to smoke it so smoke"

  • Smoking and drinking during pregnancy was quite common in the fifties and sixties. My three siblings and I were all born and turned out just fine even though our mother never quit smoking and kept having her cocktails. Her sister did also and her two kids are also fine. We have just become this too politically correct society and should get on with our own lives. And yes, I smoked throughout my pregnancy and my son is fine. And yes, my husband thinks smoking preggers are sexy.

  • Same here. I was 14 when my mom got pregnant with my youngest sister, and I remember her mixing hi-b**** for her and my dad when he came home from work, just before we sat down to dinner. I think she had done the same when she was pregnant with me and the other three kids, and we're all fine, and my mother's still alive and kicking, and still smoking and drinking.

  • I don't get all the negativity. The girl sounds sexy as all h*** to me. If you don't want her, I'll take her.

  • She needs to abort the baby, then abort you, and then abort herself. What a disaster you all are.

  • I dont know your wife and i already hate her, im gonna make this clear i want you to print this out or engrave it on her fuc*in head h*** get her a tattoo of it STOP MAKING THE BABY THE VICTIM SHE NEEDS TO STOP BEING A SELFISH BITC* what did that baby do to her i sware if it was legal id have her has thrown into rehab and therapy tell her to stop actin like an asshol* and GROW UP! she has no idea what shes missing out on if she keeps this up babies are a blessing

  • Omg I wouldn't be mad if you pushed her down the steps at this point. Regardless of who child it is, a harmless child shouldn't grow up with problems because you both are careless. Just convince her to get an abortion please.

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