Loan Shark

I recently accepted a large loan from my father-in-law that came with one condition which forgave the loan. He had me wear my mother-in-law's lingerie while I performed oral s** and forced me to swallow his sperm. Later he sodomized me and e********* deep inside me. He took several pictures and made it very clear that this was not a one-time thing. I feigned mild outrage but inside was thrilled at the idea of being his sissy s***.

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  • It will be even better if you buy your own sexy women's panties and stockings.

  • I wished that would happen to me. If I where you I would keep a good thing going.

  • Tell him he can only use you for so many more number of times, like 5 more, or 10 more, then hit him up for more money for ten more...
    Bingo! You can quit your job and be his sweet tender sissy once a week!!

  • Typical w**** wife.. tell us more detail. How many others have you slept with?

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