I got pregnant, and don't know what to tell my Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I always use protection and i am on the pill but the other night we were a little drunk and fooling around. At first I let him slip it in just to tease but it felt so amazing. I never had s** without a condom before and once he was inside I didn't want him to stop. I am on the pill and we had been together for a long time so when he was about to pull out i told him to c** inside me. I missed my period and took a pregnancy test. I have no idea how to tell him. I don't think i could go through with an abortion, but i know he is not ready for a baby...

Sep 11, 2012

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  • If he's ready to have s** with you he's ready to have a baby. And if he isn't ready, leave him behind. If you abort your child you will live a long, dark road of regret. You don't need him to want to do the right thing. You know what the right thing to do is. Also . . . he may surprise you with his response. Incidentally, the response below is horrendous. What a horrible mind that sentiment comes from.

  • Neither one of you is mature enough to be a parent. go to the clinic and get that thing cut out of you before it becomes a person. right now its no big deal. but if you actually have it then it will be a huge deal. go to the clinic. go today. dont wait. go.

  • Kinda sounds like Adam and Eve(knowing the consequences of endulging in the forbiden fruit but doing it anyway)
    well the way I see it is that, It's not a good idea to consume alcohol or drugs because it alters your ability to make rational decisions but I would hope that you both would be responsible, both having knowledge of the possiblity of pregnancy, because you both made the choice to follow though with the completion of the act, even though you both may have been a little mentally impaired, he tried to pull out but you wanted him to c** inside you leaving me to believe that you were willing to accept the possible concequences and responiblity, and him attemping to pull out(having full knowledge of what could happen) but instead he makes the choice to follow through with your request to c** inside you, leading me to believe that he was willing to accept the consequeces and responsiblity also.. so you need to tell him I mean this involves both of you and should not just be upon your shoulders..

  • Tell him and adoption is always an option if your not ready and wanna give it a life. The child will soon understand

  • This is an awesome post!!

  • I mean, to be fair, it's his baby too. I think you need to look at it from his side of views too. Is he religious/would he care if you got an abortion?

    My vote is you talk to him about it. It's ultimately your decision but not only your child.

    Also, there are hotlines and websites about this kind of stuff. Maybe call someone about it and see what other options you can do.

  • It is completely your choice what to do with your body. If you feel that you cannot have an abortion, then you probably will feel awful if anyone convinces you to go that direction. I would tell the father that you are pregnant, and if he is not mature enough to handle it, don't let that sway you. Everything happens for a reason. Like other commenters have said, there is always adoption. But if you are old enough to be responsible for this child, that really is the best for both of you.

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