Friend's House

At 20 yrs age a class mate named Sam invited me to his village in India . First night he sent his young girlish looking servant boy called Risho to my room to massage me . Soon his sensuous touch made rod up ,soon it was fxxxxxx his mouth . This was my first sexual encounter with boy or girl except kissing. With his guidance we became fully naked , his rod was also up, his round beautiful ass gave pain to my hard up rod, I using p*** on computer applied oil with finger and f***** him after some effort. The enjoyment was amazing. But his rod though small but erect , he want BJ which I did using oil . I again woke up after some time, saw him sleeping few steps away,naked under sheet ass facing roof , iiresistable , my tounge went to his ass , ending again in better s** play and longer f****** ass hole in doggy giving him BJ simultaneously. After that early morning had third s** encounter while having shower together.this time he also entered my a******. Day time I gave him some money which he accepted. He told me my friend likes BJ and to be f***** , his mother and sister engage with me in oral s** . Sam was told by both of us that that I f***** Risho ass once and had 69. I stayed there one week during f***** his mother twice , full oral s** with sister with help of Risho Sam and his father were sleeping in SAMs uncle house during marriage with other male guests. After wards I got chance to visit them four times and once his sister came to City and stayed four days in our flat. In all mummy made love three times , sister twice ,
Sam and me usually slept together , mostly naked but f***** him few times because he loved female behaviour, loved sucking my c*** , taking c** . This relieved me any masturbation. He loved to give me sensual massage , lick my t*** and watch my p**** becoming hard, his rod only became hard if I penetrated him or fingered ass , he liked to m********* himself in front mirror , had to leave that city after one year.

Oct 9, 2014

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