Im a 21 year old female virgin by choice not because I can't get a guy but because I havnt come across someone that Ive been extremely attracted to in order to do it. Ive dated guys but eh theyve been pointless and a waste of time. Recently however my friend rob confessed his love for me. The next week he started putting his hand on my leg, rubbing my back/waist and touching my thigh. He always says I need to be physically close to you but I always push him away because well im not giving it up to just any d*** and I don't want to feel like a s*** if he dumps me but hes extremely attractive and a very logical person. His intelligence attracts me so now I cant help but want him to just take advantage of my purity. I know guys dont like when girls are just turtles in the bedroom but I just want him all over me now touching me whenever and wherever. I want to be handled roughly by a man not like a insecure child. I feel so dirty thinking these thoughts but everytime I see him I just want him inside of me.

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  • Use a s** toy until your ready for the real thing. A lot of women and girls regret throwing their virginity away.

  • Don't give in just to give in. Make sure you are completely ready. I'm married to my first and only. I have a friend who lost hers, got dumped and still feels like s*** about it. She feels she was used. Make sure you trust this person. Despite what others are saying, it is a big deal and it should be on your terms.

  • Your body is telling you that you are ready!

  • I would just give in and go for it. You might not feel that attraction again for some time as you don't seem to be attracted to men very often. Perhaps just foreplay to start with? You don't have to go all the way if you still don't feel comfortable. But remember, people regret the things they didn't do much more than the things they did do. Even if it doesn't work out with him you will regret not doing it and I wonder. If you do decide to go for it, if he's a decent guy, you can always tell him to stop or chill for a moment

  • When you start f******. You will realize its natural and f****** is f******. Live love and enjoy life. There are so many things to be uptite about. Many girls your age dont enjoy s** yet. It normally enjoyable when you reach 30. The ones that do f*** at your age got it down.

  • A woman's virginity is important!! Fair enough,I'm into free love and living life to the full,but only when I wasn't a virgin.
    When I was a virgin,I was wise and ensured I lost my virginity,when I was ready and in love.
    Especially,with someone I loved.Losing your virginity,isn't and shouldn't be about,being uptight!!! It should be deemed as precious.However,each to their own

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