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Ive been married for 12 years to a good wife..She is not interested in s** and very rarely sleeps with me.
I discovered that it is very easy to meet gay men online to have discreet s** with..Im not really attracted to them but it feels good to have someone satisfy me orally and find me sexy.I feel that homosexuality is wrong and a sickness. I feel ashamed. Ive been with many guys and it makes me sick.

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  • Its now 2018 all u homophobes better stfu and deal with it cause its no longer wrong YEEEEEEEET #nohomo

  • dont blame your wife cause your gay dude - think about it

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    coz its easier to pull a twisted gay freak....

  • You are right to feel that way. Homosexuality is immoral, unnatural and just plain disgusting. I mean what the world could you possibly want with another d***. The two of you sword fighting before one turns the other around and pokes him up the a$$. That mess is freaking stupid and sick. It's bad enough you cheat but with another man. Dude get a life. Why can't you find a girl to satisfy you and find you sexy?

  • I have no idea what would happen but she should understand that she really isn t helping if she isn t putting out. Explain your frustration and ask what would she do? Having s** on the side might not be the answer but it might bring up other possibilities. Maybe she doesn t understand but really does want to help.

    I wouldn t condone cheating without talking more about it. Do not tell her that youve done it already.

  • It is hard accepting yourself as a homosexual if you already have negative feelings about homosexuality. It is perfectly ok, though, h*** I love to kick it with gay guys! Make sure you discuss this with your wife.

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