Taekwondo Fail

I'm a guy and last week in my taekwondo class I had to spar against a girl. Not more than 20 seconds into the match she delivered a spinning hook kick to my jaw and knocked me out cold sending me to the ER. At the hospital they not only told me that I had suffered a concussion but in the ensuing fall that occurred when she ko'd me I also fractured 2 bones in my neck! Now I have to be in a neck brace for the next 8 to 12 weeks!!! People keep on asking me what happened when they see me now. Do you think I should tell them the humiliating truth or just say that I was in a car accident (which quite honestly I have told a few people already)? Oh! The humiliation:0

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  • You p****.

  • I highly doubt you would've fared any better against her!!!

  • Id tell them the truth...

  • Yeah I know I should...but it's not easy!!!

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