My Fiancé's Secret

My fiancé and I have known each other since early high school. We're both 22 and engaged. Last week, on some sort of credit card bill, I saw that he donated $100 to an orginization for male sexual assualt survivors. When I connfronted him about it, he got very hostile, something he has never done ever once before. Honestly, I didn't act right when I confronted him.

For a few nights, there were no cuddles before we fell asleep. He slept back to me squeezing onto his stuffed bear. I gave him a little peck on the back of the neck and he irrupted (which he has never done). He jumped up, and started freaking out. He was yelling at me not to kiss him on the neck. He was red with anger.

I now think he was abused in some way. How should I help him? This is clearly something that lays deep down inside of him.

Mar 21

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  • Talk about going to couples therapy

  • If you can get him to be honest with himself thenhe will talk to you.

  • Ask to talk to him about it sometime at his choosing, very sensitive it seems...

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