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I share similar kind of experience. Though whatever we may say that one has to live in practical manner but some times situations become such that we could not maintain perfect balnce. I have been married for 13 years having 2 children and have been living peaceful and composed life in india in one of best cities. About 6 months back I came in contact with married lady having a kid(I dont know her previous background) and we both started making eye congacts. Situations became out of control when my mind strted foxusing on her and making plans how to dress up look nic. I did lot of struggle to maintain my balnace abd tried to be in good shape. I tried to talk many times on our meetings but remained spell bound as to whether it would be right as I read lot of articles that nevr flirt with mard ones as it may ultimately bring complications. Now she has stopped coming to place where I was seeing her. I am still lost in the midway what to do as I am not been able to forget the said love. I still like her and I wuld always respect her for what ever decsion she may take in best of our interests. I still look for her and do not know whethr it is infatuation or love. Ag this age of 41 can be I right to ignore this feeling or to approach her. Dont say for advice that it woud be wiser to ignore as I myself at ghis junture am mature enough to take decaion. I still wait for her.

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  • Good and nice to learn that love has no age.but prioritie sare wife and childern

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