I shouldnt have gotten married

I love my husband I really do but I often think that we shouldnt have gotten married. I am a loving person and I love showing my affection but he is not like that. I honestly think we will get divorced at some point in the distant future. I admit that I am a person that requires a regular amount of attention and s** and he just doesnt provide that. I recently found out he sits up all times of the night watching p*** even after I just asked him for s** just to be turned down. I really dont know what to do. It would be so easy to find someone else but I dont want to. Plus there are too many things going areound that I am scared of catching.

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  • Cheating on him is not the answer , your happiness is \he sounds like a lazy man who rather watch p*** then be with you .
    Time to decide is this the life you want or leave him and find your soul
    mate .

  • This sounds like my situation exactly

  • I have had many affairs, and if you are selective, you really won't have to worry about diseases. My hubby is also not very amorous, so I'e been f****** other men for many years now. He has no clue. F****** around is the best. There's a thrill of doing something naughty, the intensity of s** with a new guy, and the satisfaction of having been f***** properly. Just go for it.

  • So long as you're careful about who you're f******, affairs are totally wonderful things. Stop allowing this man to ruin your life and waste your time. Find somebody who wants your t*** and who will take care of the way you want it taken care of. Go gitcha sum!

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