Man's best friend

I let our family dog f*** me one night while my parents were out having dinner with friends. I had been masturbating on my bed and our dog was barking and making a noise so I went and let him inside. As I got back on my bed and started to play with my pussie our dog jumped on my bed and started to lick my pussie and it felt really nice. After letting him lick my pussie for about 20 min I rolled over on to my hands and knees and in no time I was penetrated by him. It didn't take long for me to have an o***** as he f***** me harder and faster. After about 5 min I felt him shoot him hot c** deep inside me and it felt good. Since that night I have let him in my room a couple of times when my parents are in bed and let him have his way with me and have also given him oral until he c*** in my mouth. I know that it's wrong of me to do it but I can't help it. It feels so good that I can't wait for my parents to leave so I can let him into my room.



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  • I let our family dog did that to me too, except I wasn't a girl, but I liked wearing my sister's clothes especially her bras, panties, skirts, and dresses. When alone, I would dress up and pretend I was a girl. It felt so natural to wear her clothes, but my sister noticed a few of her things out of place, so I began wearing only her dirty clothes to avoid her noticing. Eventually, dressing up in her clothes included j********** around the house. Our dog would sniffed my butt. I got down on all fours and his nose was at my butt pushing, so I pulled the skirt up and panties down and he starting sniffing and licking my b*******. It was unlike anything I had like that before. I loved the feeling of his tongue licking me. He mounted me grabbed me tightly, and I felt something stabbing at me. It was his p****. I was very exited in a sexual way from the licking. He hit me a few times but got it in my b*******. It hurt at first, but soon he had his p**** inside me and was pounding away furiously. I liked the feeling of his warm p**** moving back and forth in my tight b******* as he screwed me. His p**** felt bigger and my insides felt better like they were building up to something, I didn't know what, but it finally happened. Just before he stopped thrusting and started pulsing, it hit me. Imoaned loudly and came feeling a wonderful pleasure erupt inside and felt warm and tingly all over. It was such an intense o***** that my j********** paled in comparison to it. I felt stuffed and was in total bliss after my wonderful o***** and was enjoying feeling his pulsing p**** inside me. I wanted to stay feeling like that forever. I thought he was done, but he stepped off and turned, somehow stuck inside me still coming, which felt good too. I learned a lot about dog penises and knotting, and our dog was my secret boyfriend after that with me dressing up and letting him s**** me as often as he could.

  • This happens more than you imagine. One gf in her 20s lost her virginity to a dog on her farm and loved it. After that she ended up working in a kennel servicing the males. The owner knew and encouraged her.

  • Not just girls. For some guys, their first sexual experience was receiving a*** s** from the family or neighbor's dog.

  • It is an animal's natural instinct to want to f***, and if it doesn't have a female dog handy, it will f*** anything that is available, like a leg for instance, even if it isn't a hole
    Add to that the fact that the girl is masturbating, and giving off her sexual scent, the dog would be more than eager.
    Often there is difficulty with the dog finding the target that fast, but it is possible that the girl just got lucky :) in this instance.
    The only thing I might disagree with is that the dog took all of five minutes to reach his climax. Dogs f*** at such a rapid rate that they climax in a much shorter time than five minutes, like some guys some of you girls might know. ;)

  • I don't think a dog would immediately start f****** you just because they were licking your c***.

  • I had a girl friend some years back that used to do my dog several times a week. she would do anything for c**K and if she was not doing the dog she was doing some guy. I aloud her to do the dog and eventually dumped her. My point is I see nothing wrong with it. But that is just my opinion, most see it a sick.

  • This stuff really does happen.

    There are plenty of videos out there and they are extremely hot, not because the animal is f****** a woman, but because the woman needs c** so badly she doesn't care where it comes from. Watch it sometime and be prepared to m*********!

  • A dog c*** really quick. This is just a sick fantasy.

  • Your probably a lonely fifty plus year old man with sick fantasies. I'm no expert but I read somewhere that it takes time to train a dog to do this. They just don't walk up to a girl and start doing s** with a human.

  • Unfortunately it take not training at all. You can read anything. Most male dogs will eventually get around to trying it with anyone they think will let them

  • True, and once they do find you are 'responsive' because they have screwed you all the way then they will they will even 'ask' you by body language if you are in heat, just as they do to female dogs. Its dead embarrassing when a neighbours dog does it to me and she is well aware of the K9 body language. whoops..

  • Yep. They make can make a scene and don't understand not here, not now. I housesat for a lady once. She was gone for a couple weeks, during which I crossdressed in her clothes and let her dog f*** my ass at least once a day. When she got back, I tried to keep cool about it, but her dog wasn't keeping any secrets. He followed me around humping at my leg and trying to make his intentions known that he wanted to f*** me. It was embarrassing, and she never asked me to housesit again.

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