Pleasant dreams

My big, big, big mother in law has enourmous breastst. Her daughter, my wife, is just an amateur with that, compairing to her.

Now I'm thinking, I hardly look my mother in law in the eyes but always my eyes lower down to those enourmous b******. You can say, I speak more to my mother in laws enourmous b****** then to her. When I look in her big brown eyes again, my mother in law always gives me her sweetest smile. I'm her only son in law and I know she likes me very much (and I her).

When we visit her in the weekends we always stay the night and when my wife and I are in bed, my mother in law always come to our bedroom to say goodnight. She's already in her thin nightgown and always stands on my side of the bed. Most of the buttons of her nightgown are open and I can see those enourmous b****** in full glory.

Then she bends over to say her daughter goodnight and ofcourse my mother in law lets her enourmous b****** hanging in my face, they feel, as always, delicious warm.
In those moments she has a lot to say to her daughter and I have the opportunity to kiss those enourmously b****** comprehensive, in between giving soft bites in them. Then she let go, smiles at me, giving me a kiss and wishing me a good night.
I think my wife knows because she alway giggle and squeeze me where her mother just squeezed me.

The next morning my mother in law again gives me her sweetest smile, asking me if I had pleasant dreams.

Oct 13, 2014

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