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Ok well...i like my landlord who lives upstairs. He lives right above me, in his late or mid thirties, no wife and no children. I just turned 18 and i live in our shared basement with only a thin sheet seperating my room from the laundry room. I m********* all the time hoping that one day he catches me and joins in but he never has. So i decided to c** on a pair of my panties and set them at the bottom of his stairs but my family keeps putting them in the dirty clotes pile! And its not like i can say hey those are for our landlord DX so i need ideas..... hes super tall with salt and pepper gray hair and a bit thick. Im 5ft 4in dirty blonde hair and a size 32 C in bras. how do i get him to notice me!? Also i am legal so no jail bait comments please

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  • You could always take a nude picture of yourself or a a sexy picture of yourself and ""accidentally"" ( do it on purpose) send it to his E-Mail or phone or something.
    Then just go to him and beg him to give it back or delete it. And say you could do him a favor and then seduce him so he will ""give it back to you"". Then tell him you liked it and ask to do it again. Just make sure its inside his room and make it look convincing

    Let me know how you do

  • Lol i like this idea. will do

  • Is this a serious question? If a hot 18 y/o shows up at my door saying they want to suck my d***, a hurricane wouldn't stop me.

  • Im to nervous to ask him right away. Plus hes known me since i was 11 and he might have a girlfriend so he might say no. I want him to think of me sexually before i ask him and not as some little girl.

  • Trust me he is already attracted to you

  • Just ask him to f***

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