Pregnant, but...

I'm a 30 year old woman who is pregnant for the first time. I have been married to the man I want to have my children with for 4 years, but have been sleeping with other men too. For the last 2 months, I have regularly sleeping with 2 men besides my husband. I have bad side effects from birth control pills, so everyone I sleep with has to use a condom, including my husband until we decide to have children. Someone's condom obviously failed, but now I don't know who the father is. I really was hoping to only have children with my husband, so I'm not sure if I should have an abortion. The other problem with that is I'm not sure if I could get an abortion without my husband knowing. So far, I haven't told anyone I'm preggo.

Oct 28, 2014

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  • Everyone stop being mean to her :/

    Your obviously not doing it to hurt anyone.
    also you were doing your best at being responsible, you were just having a bit of fun.

    Very unlucky. Good luck. Hope it works out...

  • I definitely think you should get an abortion. This doesn't sound like a stable situation for a baby, not to mention it's not planned or wanted by you, is it? I think you should get it done and wait until you're in a more stable situation - namely, being honest with your SO because let's be real, this can only end in tears - before you carry one out.

  • Yous a ho

  • Are all of guys same race? Sucks to have a ghetto rat surprise. Shame on you, but who's gonna know? Read a DNA report on an Irish town study. Over half the kids were from some other man than the spouse. I hope you bring a girlfriend home for a threesome to make up for your slutty whoreness.

  • A woman I was married to had an abortion in her 20s. She has now 50 and can not get pregnant after the abortion. We spent a fortune to get her knocked up and nothing happened.I married her when she was 39 and she already knew she had this issue.She did not tell me till about a years after the wedding. After Artificial Insemination failed,she p***** me off over something and I left her in our house and never looked back. I met someone else and had two sons. I am sorry to say she is still childless. I tell you that long sad story to show you that having an abortion may be a bad idea for you just like keeping the baby is likely to end your marriage or make you feel guilty for the rest of your life. What we do in the dark has a way of coming to light. The other day,I was told of an African guy who was relocating his family to the US and a paternity test was required. The results found out that only one out of his 3 kids was his.The oldest was out of college and others must have been teenagers. He lived with the family during each of the pregnancies and many years after,he is the only father they know. How devastating? How does the wife explain that situation-am sorry DNA is wrong? Best of luck to you.

  • I wish I could become sterile from something as simple as an abortion... damn. Super cheap and at my age no one will willingly sterilize me anyway because they're sure I'll ~change my mind~ about no kids :/

  • Why were you sleeping with other men? Honestly, that sounds like you don't want to be married anymore. If that is the case, truthfully, you need to decide what is best for you and your husband. Are you ready to be a mother, and if it is not your husband's child, ready to be a single-mother? I say if you are not sure then you should get the abortion. It's not fair to you or the fetus if you can't support it, financially and emotionally.

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