Panty sniffing

I discovered my obsession with sniffing dirty panties when I was a young teen. Being the youngest of five I was always the last one to shower or use the bathroom. My brothers and sisters laundry was always on the floor when I entered the room. I remember seeing sisters dirty creamy panties atop her clothes. I nervously inspected, tasted and consumed the treasure while falling in love. I have been hooked since. Rarely I would be so lucky as to find a hair mixed in the golden nectar and I became more excited. I always enjoyed her softball practice panties the best. She must have become overly excited during practice? I believe she knew what I was doing and she didn't mind helping her little brother out.

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  • I done it this morning in My mother in law's shower with her dirty panties

  • I do that to my Mother in-laws all the time when I'm the only one in there house I raid the dirty clothes hamper just to get a taste of her juices I lick them and then j*** off in them 😜

  • When we were in our early teens my brother used to sniff my panties. The deal was that I would give him my panties to sniff and he would let me watch him j*** off while sniffing them. It was all fairly harmless but it seemed so rude.

  • He had to let you watch? Sounds fun!!

  • I wish you were my sister

  • Dirty habit

  • It may be dirty but I love it

  • There's no harm in it, it's just something that boys like to do.

  • You will get a face skin disease from that, grotty.

  • Never

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