Teacher and student relationship

Me and my middle school teacher have been treaty close for about 4 years. Now I'm out of school and 18. I miss him like crazy we email sometimes but that's it. I have deep feelings for him. He was always there to help me and listen to my problems when I needed someone. But we there is like a 15 year age difference and he's married. No kids. But he's a big Christian. I wish he felt the same about me...

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  • the other people are right about this. i had a crush on one of my teachers that turned into love. i finally couldnt just not do anything anymore so i told him and he said he was glad i told him because he wanted me too but he couldnt just come out and say bcuz of his job and his wife. we started our relationship that very day and we were both so glad we didnt wait anymore than we did bcuz we wanted each other so hard. i really hope you get your man and you find happiness with him.

  • Call/text him or email him every so often and ask him to meet for coffee, or to do something that interests him. Just spend time around him -- without his wife being present -- and let nature take its course. He probably already knows how you feel, but doesn't want to make you think he's coming on to you inappropriately. For that reason, you may have to make the first move as someone else mentioned, but that's a small step to take in order to be closer to and more intimate with a man you want.

  • I was in exactly your situation, except that I was the teacher. The girl was in my class, and I had to hide the fact that she aroused me like crazy, in class and even if I passed her in the hall or on campus. It got so bad that she was all I could think about, even fantasizing about her if I made love to my wife. Finally, after about four months of torture, we were standing and talking at the school Christmas party and she said she thought I was a wonderful teacher and a wonderful man and she was sorry I was married. I was soooooooo relieved! Relieved to know she shared my feelings, at least to a degree, and VERY relieved that she had taken the first step. After I told her I felt the same about her, and confessed that I thought of her at very inappropriate times, we walked outside into the dark (by separate doors) and kissed for a very long time. We knew we couldn't do anymore than kiss, but in the months ahead we kissed long and often and deep (and sometimes a little more). Finally I got her a ring and asked her if she could wait to make love to me until she was out of school. I made it clear she didn't have to keep herself for me, but only that I wanted us to start the physical relationship after it wasn't so wrong. She agreed. After she left that school, we began the physical relationship, and as I promised her, I left my wife and family for her, and we now have a child of our own. I am telling you all this to encourage you to take the first step, too, because your man may have the same trepidation I had, even though you're already out of school. But if he knows how you feel, you may be surprised to find that he feels the same. If not, you won't have lost anything. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering "What if?" because of fear. Take a chance and tell him (gently) that you want to spend time with him and see what might happen between you two. He may very well already belong to you and want to leave his wife for you, but you need to go find out. Good luck!

  • My wife is 16.5 years younger than me. We have a 10 year old son together. Just tell him you have feelings for him...ehat do you have to lose?

  • I totally and completely agree with this ^comment^. You were patient and you did nothing to jeopardize his career, so please . . . give yourself a chance. And give him one. Who knows? He may be madly in love with you, but has refrained from expressing it because he thinks you don't share the feeling. Let him know. And then let us know how it went.

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