My Gay Life?

I don't have a sexual attraction to men but I love d***.

I guess it started when I was younger fooling around with a guy. He use to f*** me in the ass we even got caught by my mom once we were both naked in my room and he had me bent over and was putting his c*** in me. My mom walked in we both stopped and pretending we were looking for our clothes.

I am a married man

and I long for my dad's c***
ive seen it growing up
but one night I lived with him for awhile while I got my life together I walked out of my room and he was laying in his bed in his underwear with a hardon. Just b**** straight in the air I stood there and I stared at it. what I would have done to go over get on my knees and wrap my mouth around it.

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  • I love you too Son.

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