First Love and My One Great Love

I'm a 16 years old girl. There is a boy who I fell in love for a year now. He's courting me for a year and two months now. He always take care of me, Always there whenever I need, He always talk to me, he always get jealous whenever some guy around me. There was a time I humiliated him, and the thing is I took him for granted before. I almost try to give up on him but then I knew he's a keeper and gold so I wouldn't let my "tiredness" goes all away in my mind and heart so I take a rest for a while, I know we are not together or in relationship yet but still we know we love each other he will wait for me until my parents allow me to have a boyfriend. So I try to fight my love for him over my tiredness. Yes, I fought for it. Sooner he will be my boyfriend IF I ONLY KNEW :'( He's being old for a week now. I didn't know the reason maybe because of my attitude or because i took him for granted before. But I learn my lesson now but i think it's too late, He deactivated his account on facebook, and turn off the phone so I can't call him. What should I do? Should I fight for the love of ours? I knew I experienced being tired in our thing in relationship but I didn't tried to deactivated my account nor turn off my cellphone. He's my first love and one great love. He taught me to always talk to God and love my parents. I can't set him free. His all my love who brings the best in me. I changed for the better but I think it's too late to change because he keeps distance on me. :'(

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