Do you have friendly suggestions?

I have this one friend, and we used to be really close.
Or at least, I thought so.
Right now, we're both involved in school, but he's even busier than I am, with AP classes and whatnot. I don't like to bother people when they have things like studies going on but sometimes I text him funny things (we used to have super long phone conversations), but he doesn't always respond.. or even that much.
I am immediately aware of when I seem "nagging", and by texting someone a bunch without their responding, feels as such to me, but I don't know how else to get his attention.
He quit band this year, which was one of the ways we would hang out-even though he said he would go to some of the football games still.
Anyway, my question really is just about, how do I proceed?
As was my understanding, we both enjoy each other's company.
My friends have all said that he gets withdrawn and has long periods where he doesn't really hang out with anyone and spends time in his room, etcetera.
So it's not just me, is what I'm saying;
I used to be able to talk to him even when he was being "shy" or being by himself, but it's harder when he's not in band.
I want to respect his space but he's still one of my best mates. *throws hand in the air*

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  • The other commenter is right, friendship is a two way street. And your friend can text and/or call you when he needs you. Of course, he can be busy. But him acting withdrawn for periods of time is a little concerning. And it's very possible that he's dealing with some depression. The thing that you can do is send him a note and just say that you're there for him when he's available and that you'll occasionally check in with him to make sure he's doing okay. Really, that's all you can do.

  • It is a two way street, buddy. You cannot force someone to be your friend. Let your friend be and if/when he comes around, be the good friend that you are, OK.

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