I've known her since she was 8

I've known her since she was 8 years old. Her dad hung out in the same places as I did, and he frequently brought his kids, so a bunch of us watched her grow up. For years I kinda saw her as a little sister since I'm sixteen years older than she is. Well, she's 20 years old now. She's a grown woman. Suddenly I've started to see her less as a little sister, and more like a younger stepsister that's totally legal to f***. She's started hugging me a lot more lately, and the hugs last longer. She laughs at everything I say. She talks about the one-night stands she's had, and she talks about how much she likes guys who are older than her. She compliments me all the time. God, I know it's probably wrong, but I don't care. I want to f*** her, and if I ever get a chance I'm going to take it. I wish there was a good way to bring it up in case I'm wrong, in case she DOESN'T want to f*** me.

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  • I think she more inlove with you than just wanting u to f*** her.

  • Is this your step daughter or no relationship?

  • No relationship at all.

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