Revenge on my cheating wife

So my wife is cheating, I caught her and she said it's over, that's just another lie. She is just very careful to hide it and does it when she's supposed to be at work. Frustated and angry I sought out a woman friend who once complained her husband hadn't had s** with her in years. So I called her and told her my story and told her I wanted us to have s**. She agreed and came over on a day I took off to have s** with me while my wife was at work. We had s** in the bed I shared with my cheating wife, it felt great. I kept pulling on her hair while we were having intercourse hoping to get plenty of her hair on the pillow and sheets. What I didn't realize was just how wet she got, her wet v***** soaked the bed. I thought I better change the sheets before my wife got home. After thinking about it I didn't, I just left them on with her big wet spot and my sperm on her wet spot and sperm all over the sheet. I also noticed I had some of her long hair on the pillow. I left it all, I wanted her to find it. A few days later my wife changed the sheets and never said a word to me. I know my wife has never brought a man home to our bed, she tries to hide the fact she cheats when it happens, but I know. I read her texts, I broke into her email, I read it everyday. I know she's having s** with a few guys, and I know them by name only. I told this woman what I did and she laughed. I said we need to do this again and again, I want her to find our hot wet mess all over the sheets until she confronts me. The woman said all I ask is my name isn't on it and that we keep this a secret and only between us, no one else.I have vacation next week and she's ready for more s**. I hope she has s** with me everyday. I want to get caught, I want to show my wife I can do it too. I don't care about my wife anymore I'm done with her and I'm never going to have s** with her again. I went to a lawyer, I'm getting divorced, but she dosen't know it yet. I just want her to find out I'm cheating on her own. I want her to be as shocked by it as I was finding out. I'm giving her all the evidence I can. My only concern is protecting my lovers identity, so I just may take our sheets to a motel next week to soak up our juices in case she's already onto something going on at home. Then I'll put our love stained sheets back on the bed.


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  • You should have done what I did to my cheating wife. I played the forgiveness card, invited four of my friends over and dragged her naked by her legs in front of them. You should have seen the humiliating expression on her face when I intentionally spread her legs so they could all see her p**** and t***. Best strip show they ever got and felt much better about myself. I'll bent she'll never forget that as long as she lives.

  • Did she find out yet?Whats going on now?This is so juicy!

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