Bitched out by my cousin. 11/20/14

I'm a 24yr old black male in Florida. I consider myself very handsome and well rounded but I lack in certain areas compared to my cousin. He's a 35yr old dentist and has a 10inch d*** (I'm only 7.5) I enjoy watching him pound my girls p**** and have recently started eating his c** from her p****. I can't even explain how it started. But I do know that things are getting much more kinky. I'm torn between if it's his d*** that I'm attracted to or the cuckold experience of my wife taking a another mans d***. He has started to have me suck him off when no one is around. He calls or texts saying (SMDB) code for "Suck my d*** bruh" and I do it, but I always feel a since of guilt and disgust when I c**. My family would be crushed and when I think of incest it disgust me! But I enjoy watching him s**** my girl and feed me his c**. I don't consider myself gay or a pervert it just excites me. I've secretly swallowed nearly 40 of his c** loads & no one in the world knows this and if my home boys knew about this they would think were freaks. I want to move to start a new life but the thought quickly fades when I'm swallowing this dudes seed in my car, my aunts patio, his garage or when my girl is at work. I need help. I always feel dirty afterwards man. I'm ashamed but it feels so good.

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  • Have you considered coming out about it to your wife? Have you asked him about how he would feel about her knowing?
    Perhaps you three could all get together in a threesome, like right after you watch him as he f***s your wife, you suck his c***, and maybe the fact of sharing his c*** with your wife would alleviate the shame and guilt that you feel.
    Actually, I envy you. I have never done so, but I would love nothing more than to suck a big black c*** like your cousin's ten inches. But to your situation...
    As another pointed out here, it is doubtful that moving away would change things, unless it is the incest, rather than sucking c*** that is what is really bothering you. It is apparent that you, like so many men, are hooked on sucking a big c***, and if it isn't your cousin, you will be nagged by the urge until you find another c*** or c***s to suck.

  • You may not accept it, but you are bi. and a cuckold too. At least your wife is getting some good s** out of it. What does she think of the situation? Is she just happy to get pounded by that 10 inch c ock? Or has she hinted that its so good, maybe she could have another c ock on the side too? If you move, you know she's going to want you to find someone else to satisfy her, since you can't. H***, she may be f****** other guys now "when she's at work". This is your life now, you p ussy.

  • She doesn't know about the other stuff. She's only around when we have occasional 3 some's & we never discuss anything after it happens although she's asked me many times how I feel about it & I always tell her it's kinky & it like seeing her satisfied. (What I really want to say is you've opened a door of perversion in my life & my first cousin is forcing me to swallow his c**, you're a w**** & I want a divorce!) If a divorce ever happened it would emotionally hurt me, but mentally I'd feel better knowing I'm no longer getting off sucking my cousins c*** while he's watching tv on his sofa. It has been 3months since we had a 3 some but the day I wrote this I had just finished swallowing my cousins c** in his office, it's gotten to the point that I believe I enjoy the taste. Even when salty I'm not bothered. It's a high knowing I'm doing something so wrong & dirty. I feel so ashamed & I've read about humiliation & how it gets some people off but that's white people stuff ( I'm not racist! Just rarely do I see or here of blacks doing these things.. I love all people my wife is biracial.) I really don't want to keep doing it but I'll be chillin with friends & boom he texts me & I get h**** & go suck him off. The family is spending thanks giving at his house (his wealthy compared to my broke ass) but I don't want to go I would melt under pressure & I KNOW he's going to tell me to suck him off & I feel lost.

  • You need to stop sucking him off if you don't want to. When he texts you, just text back that you can't. The thing you have with the wife is another issue. You need to talk to her about it. Ask her if she would be ok with her not having the 3somes any more, that it has started affecting you to the point that you are considering moving to start a new life. If she loves you she will tell you that's fine. The problem is, if she wants his c*** bad enough, she may go get some of it behind your back and you'll never know. It's a bad situation.

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