im 17 and currently having s** with my

im 17 and currently having s** with my mums BF of 4 months he is 36 and so hot and my mum does not deserve someone as sweet and hot as him we do make love and its wanted by both parties he is so caring and gentle im falling in love with him and he is with me we are planning to both move interstate and try it by ourselfs we cant wait i leave in 3 weeks and he is planning to break up with my mum after that to follow me mum thinks im moving because i want of change of senery but in fact id love to stay but id move anywhere top be with him so we are moving 17 hours away from her i do love my mum but i cant help but love him more

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  • He wants you BECAUSE you're a younger version of your mom. He does not love you. He sees you as a v*****, not a person.

  • You are being used and abused you stupid girl. Kiss your life goodbye. Of course he wants you, you are young and fresh. But mark my words he's f****** your mom too. And the reasons he wants you aren't the reasons you think. Dumb ass.

  • your ruining your life

  • I think it's really odd that he's making you leave first before he breaks up with your mom... it's all just a bad, bad situation.

  • eat your mom out well get bang by her b/f


    Maintain your self respect and dignity, people who love you only want the best for you and only want to improve your is this J*** OFF doing that? By sneaking around, using you and your mom....

    By the way...if you have s** with him, what makes you think he doesn't turn around later and have s** with your mom, or vice versa? How funny would that be if the two of you both ended up w/ the SAME VENIRIAL DISEASE AT THE SAME TIME!

  • Before you decide to leave with this dirt bag, perhaps you should improve your EDUCATION, what 17 year old can't spell SCENERY or know how to capitalize proper nouns, or know the function of PUNCTUATION MARKS. You want to run off with a man and leave your mom, that's your choice, but ask yourself this:

    1. If he cheated on your mom with you, what makes you think he won't cheat on YOU with someone else?

    2. When he finally cheats on you, what kind of scenery will you have with no education or family to support you?

    I'd think twice about this SCUM're giving up your YOUTH and FAMILY for a PERV!

  • Once a cheater always a cheater. Maybe he will fall for someone his own age. There is no way he can keep up with you five or ten years from now.

  • Hopefully you'll live to regret it... there have been girls in eerily similar situations that moved out with their mom's boyfriends and never made it back alive. Don't be stupid. Think about your future, don't be blinded by what you think is love. Open your eyes and see this scumbag for what he really is and get the h*** away from him.

  • Your a triffin ass b****

  • yeah what they said.


  • you should never ruin your relation with your mother. this is just a guy who want to s**** around with a 17 year old. how many times do you hear about some girl leaving her family to be with some guy that is usually older than her and just ends up using her. dont let that happen to you. this is your mother! you may say you hate her and all that BS but deep down you know its not true. this guy is 19 years older than you. think about it. before you were born this guy was already in college. so be SMART and dont do that to your mother and dont do this to yourself because in the end you'll just live to regret this decision.

  • he doesn't love you he just wants to bang you where you won't get caught by your mother- duh. If he truly loved you, he would never allow you to do such a deceitful thing to your own MOTHER. People who truly care for their beloved would never allow the other to put themselves in any situation that could be harmful to them physically, mentally or emotionally. If he was happy and open with being with you, he wouldn't expect you to move just to be with you. You like the drama, you like the taboo nature of the whole situation- but the only thing you've established this relationship on is S** and NO relationship built on s** goes very far- the real world EVENTUALLY seeps in and wil thrash your seventten year old dreams like glass on rocks. You want to see the REAL test of your relationship? Tell the guy once you two move away, you've decided you don't want to have s** for a year while you get to know each other. See how long he sticks around then.

    Don't burn any bridges with your mother. Once this PERV is GONE- SHE is the one that will still be there.

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