i like you

i like you i really do, and were pretty close but i get upset all the time. i know why, its because you cant give me the kind of love i need, because no one can. i need to love myself but i cant. i knwo why, but i still cant fix that. will i ever leave this vicious cycle? im bulimic, insecure needless to say, and im rpetty sure im bipolar

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  • Here's some good quality advice for you:

    Eat without throwing it up.
    Stop feeling insecure and sorry for yourself.
    Stick with one emotion.

    You can accomplish all these by becoming a lesbian.

    You can eat all the ** you want and you wont throw it up.
    You'll feel ** when your making out with another girl.
    You'll keep ** as your emotion all the time.

    Problem solved, eat some **.

    Rack the Jipper

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