How can you tell when a girl is trying

How can you tell when a girl is trying to drop hints or she is just being nice?

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  • I don't work with her she shops at my job how can i get sued for telling her shes pretty

  • you should just get to know her first. theres no harm in that, but be carful telling her shes pretty and what not, so need to get sued, but once you know her and stuff, you can go for it.

  • and how should i start talking to her should i tell her she looks pretty or wait till i was talking to her for a bit before i do that

  • anyone?

  • ok so do you think i should just start talking to her and feel it out from maybe introduce myself and she what she does i mean she was standing at the counter of like 2 mins reading some today almost like she wanted me to talk to her by i didn't because i just don't want to make a fool out of myself

  • I'm a girl and I've never been creeped out when that's happened to me.

  • anyone?

  • convenece store

  • i was wondering if any girls could tell me if they would be creeped out if a guy at a convince store comes and introduces himself and starts flirting with them

  • Exactly. Good luck :)

  • so what your tell me is just take a chance and if she likes me everything would fall in place from there and if she doesn't at least i don't have to wonder so i should just go up to her and introduce myself and then take it from there

  • walk up 2 her n say yoh baby i noticed u were noticing me,lets hav som coffees,n discuss abt the noticing bit.

  • Honey, you'll have to figure it out on your own, no one can give you a script or tell you exactly what to say. If you improvise, it'll seem more natural anyway, and you'll have a better chance of things working out.

  • what reason do i give for introducing myself

  • Yeah. :)

  • so i mean should i go up to her and just ask her she doing act like i'm doing some work and then say o by the way my name is and she what she does

  • Just be cool. Don't let your nerves get the best of you, and don't overthink it. Seriously, if you analyse it too much, it won't be natural, and that might make her uncomfortable. Just look for an opening, like if she asks you something, or you guys are waiting for an order. There's no way to scare her unless you act really creepy and overbearing. Just be as relaxed as you can, and smile.

  • ok but do you think it may scare her because i don't want her to feel weird when she is in the store

  • Yeah, I think you should. Introducing yourself is a great way to break the ice, and see if she's interested - if she's not, she'll let you know right away. Likewise if she is interested, she'll be open and responsive. If you don't take a chance you'll never know. :)

  • no duh anyone think i should go up to her and just ask her name then start talking to her and feel out what she does and says

  • She's hinting that she likes you if she gives you a b******.

  • should i go up to her when she is shopping and make it look like i'm doing work and ask her what her name is and just say i was wonder because i like to get to know the names of the regular customers

  • Well, I wouldn't read too much into it, judging by what you've said she said. She could be making small talk out of politeness, or simply because she sees you a lot when she goes to that store. It's normal for people to do that, it's just being friendly. However, you seem to really have feelings for this girl, so I say just approach her sometime, nothing too serious, but feel her out. Then you should know for sure if you should continue or leave her alone.

  • and if i'm standing behind the counter and me and my co-work are both doing nothing she picks me

  • i mean she ask me for a pastic spoon and i got it for her and she said she was sorry and she normally gets one when she goes to the other location of the store

  • lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalallalaaalalalalaalalaalalalaa


  • if you were some random worker she would always talk to you about non-work stuff if shes interested so i think she is interested....same as above: go for it

  • she likes you probably. just go for it

  • i don't actually know her like that she comes into my work every now and then and every time she sees me she smiles and says hello and goodbye and she notice i got a hair cut and told me it looked good and i should keep the way it is and that she likes it when a put gel in it

  • Examine what type of contact she makes with you, or if she spends on you. Does she suggest going out with friends, and sits close? Or a little more alone? Does she call a few more times than usual to chat?

  • if she's being touchy it usually means something more than just friendship.

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