Feeling abit of tension

S.O’s Aunt (aunt in law?) is always saying very flirtatious things to me. From texting to the tone of her voice , and even the way she gets invested in our conversations when we are in each other’s company only ... I think she could be giving hints. Anyone here have any experience with this, probably gonna go through with it with enough proof that she’s about it but I can tell she’s playing it safe and waiting for a moment .

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  • Go for it. All “mature” women long for young hard c***

  • It's the same guy chatting to himself he does it on nearly every confession page

  • To avoid mis-understanding, talk to her. assume nothing.

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    New troller I did not post that ass hole.
    PS he's good at it!
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    I will explain it so a moron like you can get it.

    They are trending because of the replies idiot!

    Not because of the views jack ass.

    Now do you understand it f*** head!

    You should be thankful that we are trolling your fake assed incest stories if you like the fact that they are trending.

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