Father caught me

I was downstairs in the basement and watching a movie that had some hot scenes. I always am covered with a blanket and so I let my hand rub outside my shorts, but I wasn't getting what I wanted so I slipped them off and just my panties.

I started rubbing myself and let a finger go under the leg elastic move up and down my slit while my thumb stayed on my c***.

I must have really been into it because all of a sudden I looked up and there was my dad watching me. He couldn't see what I was doing, but he definitely knew.

We both attempted to say something, but neither of us had words, so he just turned around and went up stairs. Later my mom gave me the old "it's normal" speech, but I kept seeing my dad's look.

I don't know if I should talk to him about it.

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  • My daughter is 14 and had become sexually active. When I found out I became irate and was really, really mean. When I asked her why she had been having s**, she basically said that she was h****. I was surprised at her honesty. I talked to my wife about it and we agreed my daughter needed a vibrator. My wife bought it and gave it to her. Some time later my daughter actually thanked us for it because she LOVES it. Funny thing is, her mood has improved since she's been using it!

  • I would have put my rod up her!

  • Just say: "It wasn't me!"

  • He probably was both shocked what his little daughter was doing and excited by what his little daughter was doing. I am not saying he wants to have s** with you, but any young girl masturbating is an exciting thought.

  • I walked in on my 12-year-old when she was masturbating. I was shocked but also aroused. I was soon on the bed with her and licking her slit. She cried out when I took her virginity, but was soon humping back at me. Now she's 14 and we have sexual intercourse whenever we can, which is mainly on a Saturday morning when my wife goes shopping, or Sunday afternoon when my wife goes to church.

  • Boys get caught by their mothers doing this all the time. The embarrassment will pass.

  • I caught my son when he was 14. I finished him off with my mouth. Then I got him hard again and rode him frantically. He came just one minute after me. After that, I let him hump me every night.

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