So I'm a 16 year old girl with the cutest little baby sister ever. Today I was watching her while mom was over at her friends house for a few hrs. I was on the couch watching a show and holding her on my lap and she started getting fussy. I tried to give her the bottle but she wouldn't take it. She kept rooting at my b**** " mom breastfeeds her" so finally I lifted up my shirt and let her suckle on my nipple. She latched right on and sucked for awhile and fell asleep lol. I learned a secret way to get her to sleep and it actually felt quite nice(; so that's my conffesion ha

May 30, 2020

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  • My younger sister loves breastfeeding. If you don't take care of your kid promptly when it cries, don't be surprised to find my sister breastfeeding it.

  • Dosen't sound wrong to me. I think it's fine, even more bcoz you are sisters.

  • Did get turn on ?

  • Love to have given her something to suck on

  • Nothing wrong that. Sounds like it worked! Did you enjoy it?

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