Is it normal? i'm 14

I think i’m having a crush for a boy in my class…
He’s smart and funny
we sometimes talk and laugh together
or we laugh with some other people from our class
he often changes places, at the lesson, with a friend of mine that sits in front of me
sometimes he sits there at the break as well
once he hugged me when i didn’t expect that
actually he hugs like everyone, especially girls, because 3 of them are his friends
and i’m 100% sure that they are only friends, because i know who their crushes are and it’s totally not him.
i’m always trying to speak to him, ask him smth
even if i know smth i would ask just to hear his voice..
he’s being nice to me
from everything that i do, i try to hide my crush from everyone else, because i don’t want nobody else to know
i’m just not that kind of person who tells everybody about personal life
this is the 4th year i know him
but he was never kind to me before, until this semester started
i started liking him this semestre as well
i had never been in a relationship
i just want to be close to him
some times at lessons i think about what would it be like to sit in the back of the class, at a lesson, an holding hands or something like that
I don’t know what i should do?
i would be really thankful i anyone could give me some advices.

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  • Just ask him out, he's obviously interested in you. If he says no then you don't lose anything.

  • Very normal. You have nothing to worry about.

  • Nothing abnormal or unusual about this. Its common.

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