Why does naughty entertain me

I am not a person who does crazy stuff, but I spend a lot of time thinking about wild and exciting things. Adult males it would be so wrong to sleep with, crazy places I could m*********, times where I could accidentally on purpose allow someone to see me naked or topless, or just being grabbed and forced to do things I wouldn't like a*** or having men come on my face.

I kept help it, these thoughts excite me.

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  • It's normal, and, even better to talk about it with someone, share the ideas of fantasies. I've shared, and, heard, different thoughts, desires, and fantasies with my hot older sister, some of which we've acted on. Among other things, I told her I'd love her to use her long, sharp, sexy nails (our shared fetish) to dig into every part of my body as I lie down, motionless and powerless to stop her. She fulfilled that one. Dug into me, top to bottom, and drew blood a few times. I loved it.

    As for her, she mentioned one day, in her car, actually, about having, like most women, a bit of a rape fantasy..about being taken, hard-fked, and used..I fulfilled that one for her.

    Thinking, and, if possible, doing these things, is healthy...I say, go for it.

  • It's because s** is 75% mental. Your mind is where the real turn on begins, the body just takes all the sensory input. But your mind has to be in to it and yes, thinking about naughty is one of those turn ons.

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