Crazy in love with Daddy

Since I was 12, I have been crazy in love with my Daddy.

At 16, one night I went naked to his bed, got in and seduced him. He gucks like a machine and his c*** is long and thick.

I'm 36 now, we live in the West Coast and live as husband and wife. The s** is still incredible, 3 times a day, except when I have my period. Then I suck him off several times and swallow.

We have 3 kids and I'm still crazy in love with him!

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  • Gross

  • Why??

  • If he waited until you were 16 he didn't raise you properly

  • It was me, I wanted to when I was 13, but was afraid he would reject me. I wasted 3 years

  • Really please for you both! You should be allowed to marry legally!

  • Thanks we wish we could.

  • Perhaps you and your dad could make your own private ceremony and exchange vows and buy each other ring wedding rings? You could do it in your house. That's what I done with my sister and it was great.

  • We did something like that. We wear matching wedding bands. And my engagement ring is 3 carat rock!

  • As far as I'm concerned you and your dad are married! X Make sure your dad had sorted his will so if something happens it all goes to you and your children.

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