I know that my boyfriend downloaded leaked celeb nudes

My boyfriend doesn't know that I know exactly where his stash of sexy lady pictures are. The pictures are pretty tasteful, actually, and I don't mind that he looks at p***/uses visual aids. I do the same. Masturbation is healthy and I love it. I love thinking about him doing it too.

But, I found out that he downloaded some of the leaked celebrity nudes and it bothers me. It bothers me because those pictures were supposed to be kept private and it was a violation of privacy to distribute them. It bothers me that he thought it was okay to take part in that violation of privacy. How would he feel if nude pictures of me, that were meant only for him to see, became available for anyone to see?

I wish I could erase the knowledge from my memory.
I forgive him. It's only human curiosity. But it's still wrong.

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  • It´s okay alot of ppl do it ...

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