I'm a virgin and my boyfriend isn't. For some reason, this bothers me... the fact that he gave so much of himself to another girl once before while having the comfort of knowing he'll be my one and probably only.

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  • i totally understand you.. makes sense. once you lose that you dont get it back and you wonder why he gave it up so freely..well its hormones doesnt seem like he really cared all that much to give it up..and if you have to wait then wait as long as you have to dont let other ppl insult you just because they think that s** is the most important doesnt have to be your priority

  • It is very unusual to find another virgin. If you feel uncomfortable its because even your conscience is telling you your so much more than giving it up to this h**** b******. thats right thats all he was. For all we know he gave it up to an easy girl who wasnt even his gf. You know its something special and i beg you to please keep it because many women like myself and my best friends regret the person we lost it to. It's true what they say... once you give it up it's hard fighting it.

  • i'm in the same situation and i feel the exact same way. but the thing is there's nothing you can do to change the past so focus on the present and future and make the best of it. i'm sure if you had known your current bf back then you would have been his first as well.

  • Was the other girls feelings meaningless too? It might have been very special for them and so what are you going to do about it now? Its history. You can not fix it.

    Sorry that you didn't get the Danielle Steel romance book version that you wanted. Or was it expected of you to wait till you are married? If you wait too long of course everyone else will lose theirs before you. Its just simple math.

  • Too bad. You should have got there first.
    And what do you mean "gave so much of himself" ?
    All he did was slip his b**** into her.

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