Wife DIdn't Know It Was Someone Else

I let my best friend have oral s** with my wife.
My buddy has a MAJOR hard-on for my wife, has for years, and has begged to have her. My wife would never allow that, but I came up with an idea.
We have a side room that is attached to our bedroom, and I hid him in there. He was in there for three hours before we came in to the bedroom! That night I tied my wife up and blindfolded her...she was really into it. I turned on some music and began using a feather to drag over her body. I did this for about fifteen minutes, and she got very very VERY turned on. Kept telling me she needed me, she was ready. Even bucked her pelvis a few times letting me know she was available!
My friend was taking pictures on his phone (no flash) while this was happening. Finally he slowly walks up to the bed and starts licking her p****, and she starts moaning like you wouldn't believe. He can't put his hands on her, so it's only his tongue. She explodes five minutes later, and has a VERY big O. He lifts up and his face looks like a glazed donut!
To this day my wife has no idea he did that.



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  • You sir are a POS! I still want to be your best buddie.

  • I love to watch my wife give oral to my single male friends. Sometimes I join in, or I just watch and mastrubate. Always snowball or cream pie her.

  • Oh she knows it wasn't you, she has possibly already been serviced by him over and over again. And good for her after all that part needs a lot of satisfaction from time to time.

  • Are you sure she doesn't know? The difference in technique was a give-away. The reason she had a big o***** was because she realized that it was someone else. And be careful what you do - all he has to do is tell her privately that it was him and she could be p***** off enough at you to go ahead and f*** him - just once or every chance they get.

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