I never should have told my wife I love being spanked

I made the mistake of telling my wife that I loved being spanked. Now whenever we have an argument, she pulls me over her knees and spanks me as hard as she can until I say I'm sorry even if the argument was her fault. The other night one of my wife's friends, who I hate, was over. I got into an argument with her and my wife pulled me over her knees and spanked me in front of her friend. Then she made me lay over her friend's knees so she could spank me too. It hurt. She is a big woman and can spank hard as anything and I could tell she loved doing it. My wife has threatened to have her friend come over twice a week to spank me because her friend wants to spank me some more. I hope my wife doesn't let her. I hate it.



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  • A lot of men secretly desire this. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted my wife to invite her girlfriends to spank me. If you happen to be one of the lucky guys that gets spanked by your wife's female friends, consider yourself blessed.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • If you don't want your wife and her friend to spank you, then they can spank me, I LOVE IT!!!

    I'll probably spank them too, if they like it and have cute a****! <3 <3

  • Lucky you! I would love to trade places with you.

    I wouldn't get too concerned about your wife's threat to have her friend over. If it does happen, consider you've won the lottery!

  • Boy, is that the truth!!! I can't even get my wife to spank me when we're alone!!!

  • I think you are very lucky. My wife spanks me also with her rubber slipper when i ask for it but she doesnt like it much. My mother used to spank me much better than my wife does now.

  • I agree. You are being VERY lucky.

  • Lucky you! I would love it. I finally got my wife to slipper me today. I loved it, but then she stopped and said she was disgusted.

  • Your only option is to get used to it because they'll do it pretty regularly. Soon they'll try a belt or a paddle.

  • I'm sure if you resisted, you could likely avoid these situations. You are either willingly submitting or, and I'm sure this is the case, writing your fantasies out.

  • My first spanking came several years ago. It was my birthday and my mother in law came for dinner. After dinner we sat around having wine and talking. Suddenly my mother in law ask if I was going to get a birthday spanking. Karen said she had never done that. Her mother said time you learn. They had me bend over the couch. Karen decided to take my pants down. She gave her mother a hairbrush and I got 36 whacks. Then she told Karen to try, only this time she pulled my underpants down. It was humiliating.
    Now usually when her mother is over one will suggest I be spanked. Bits always bare now. Corner time is more humiliating than the spankings.

  • That sounds like an incredibly wonderful start. Personally I would want it to be much more intense with a belt and at least once a month and leave deep marks stop all s** with me and take on a few friends with benefits. i should welcome in our and thank him for coming and making my wife happy. If fail to excitement and sincere gratitude her should beat me with the belt for at least five smacks after "I start crying like a little girl then clean her up .

  • My wife spanks me with a girlfriend present. I am always across one of their laps wearing panties which get pulled down during the spanking. They've done this for almost two years and it's still embarrassing

  • My wife spanks me mostly for fun with her girlfriends. I'm told to strip to panties and lay across one of the woman's knees. It's both humiliating and exciting with panties on or off. The only thing I don't like is my wife lets one of her friends put something in me. Some times it's a thermometer before a spanking or an enema hose or a d**** that she turns on and off. I complained to my wife but she Said the girls can do as they want. So take it or I will suggest a real enema to them for your embarrassment

  • P****!

  • Be a man, not a mouse. Stand up to your lady calmly, respectfully, but very firmly. Cause that s***'s kind of crazy.

  • Fantasy and reality don't always mesh. Open, honest communication is the key. If you want some parameters then tell her what you want them to be. You like being spanked but only under these conditions or never under these conditions. If your wife already has another spanking you then before too long you will be paddled to tears, tied and bound, others spanking you and maybe doing more. If you can't talk this out with your wife then this issue is well beyond a spanking.

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