Mt friend is a closet cross dresser

My friend and I are both 19, we've been in school togeter from day 1. He has 2 hot older sisters that sometimes dress very provocitve. I went over to his house unannounced to hang out. As I walked up the front steps and was about to knock on the door I see him inside with his oldest sister dressed as a woman in cloths that belomged to his sister. I hate to admit he looked really hot. I didn't knock on the door, after seeing that I was kind of shocked. He is a good looking guy and girls like him a lot.I don't know what this was about, maybe his sister did this to him or maybe he asked for her help. He had makeup on wearing a short skirt with stockings and even had fake b****. After peering through the window for what seemed to be an eternity at the time, I walked back to my house and masturbated to the fantasy of blowing him dressed like that, and I'm not gay. I wish I could have taken a picture of him. Someday I want to have s** with both of his sisters, they are hot and have s** with guys at their house often. We sometimes hear his sisters having s** and it drives me crazy because the younger of the 2 once tried to have s** with me when I was 16 and I didn't understand what she was trying to do at the time. I wonder if my friend has been having s** with his sisters, they are a weird bunch and he never talks about s** and finding girls for s** like the rest of the guys we hang out with. I will never forget what I saw and I will never say anything about it.


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  • that doesn't mean anything I'll wear a thong and I would have my wife use a strap on can use it on me and I had one that would stick to the ground I would ride some people just like change and I'm not attracted to men but you do have to admit women have better clothes I would love to be able to wear mini skirt and nothing underneathdo you like walking around naked and wearing a thong is like we're nothingI'm just saying y'all do it better choice in clothesbut I wouldn't worry about him I wouldn't do anything family and I love to stripI used to drive at night with nothing onI have a t-shirt pair of shorts and pair shoes beside me case I got pulled overbut like I said I hardly wear clothes I hate them

  • Do you ever see all 3 together at one time ....... just sayn


  • Bang both sisters as soon as you can!

    Sounds like one of them liked you at one point. And sounds like they bang guys all the time. So get in there!

    Make sure your friend isn't home.. he is a crossdresser so might also be gay.. you want to make sure he doesn't join in.

    Ignore what you saw and move forward with the sisters before you regret it!

  • Get some new friends

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