I am a virgin, but what I truly crave is rough s** in a place where I could get caught or just rough, good s** in general. I come off as innocent but my thoughts are definitely not. What is holding me back is my p****. The lips are really big, do guys care about that? Or do they just care about s**?

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  • Babe you are great, let me rough you up and f*** you hard like you want it. You want to be a bad girl ill hold you down and give you exactly what u want.

  • Well I have a little d*** which holds me back so I know where you're coming from. Big lips would probably be a problem for me but I wouldn't mind. And I would love to lick every inch of your big lips. Yummy!

  • I think they both look good. Small and big lips. Don't concern yourself over it. It's a stigma that high school kids tease about being f***** too many times. Nothing wrong with being f***** a lot either.

  • Speaking for myself, I much, much, MUCH prefer lips that are longer and thicker -- and just generally more pronounced in any way -- than the norm. I'm always more aroused when I undress a girl for the first time and discover l**** that are bigger than average. For me, the bigger, the better. (And I'll let you in on a secret: the larger lips taste better, too. Always!)

  • I have the same problem, I'm not sure. Glad I'm not the only one though! :(

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