It's wrong, but I don't care

Ive been dating my girlfriend since last xmas and we get along good but the only reason i started dating her and have kept dating her is because of s**. at the beginning i slept with her because i needed to get laid and she was good to go. but then i kept dating her because shes really good at s**. ive dated a few other girls since then just to see if i can find somebody better but i didnt so im still with her. if the s** wasnt so f****** good with shayna i would of dumped her a long time ago but i like what she does and i havent found nobody as good. i know im using her but she likes the s** as much as me and tells me all the time how much better i am than the other boyfriends she had so i dont care that its just about s** or that its wrong to keep dating her just for her s**. i mean we have fun and all but it is totally always all about s** with us and i dont care.

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