Hot neighbor

I am married but this new 19 year old neighbour is something any man would cheat on his wife for. A brunette with amazing b**** and ass. I would stand looking out my bathroom window to see her suntan, I was so jelous. One day she asked me to help her build a clothing line, I was incredibely happy with this. 1: I spent most of the time looking at her bikini body, 2: She would be putting her imtimates on this very line, begging me to take them. Surely, the same day she hangs up about 10 pairs of panties. I hopped the fence ran over and pulled a red micro gstring off the line I go home and j*** off sniffing and wearing it till I leave a huge c** mess. I later return it still cummed, and s***** a black thong. Same results. I c** in as much panties as I can. But just yesterday, I found this very dirty lime green gstring. Probably she forgot to put this in her washing machine. It had crusty stains and a brown stain on the line. I sniff these everyday, while jerking off into other pairs.

Dec 1, 2014

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  • When I lived in an upstairs-downstairs apartment, my downstairs neighbors (one of a revolving door of), was a smoking hot, blonde, biker chick. There were times just looking at her would make me hard. I'd watch her lay out behind the building, and just...L*** after her.

    We didn't have laundry facilities onsite, as it was only a 2-apartment building, so, would hit the laundromat. Dryers were expensive, and we both hung our clothes outside often. If I saw her out there hanging her thong undies, bikinis, and little half-bras, I'd wait for her to go back inside or, if lucky, leave, then, fake having to hang a towel or something, and grab a pair or two of whatever she had hanging. Remember really having at, and messing up, her tiny, blue bikini, and a lacy, sexy pair of thong undies I swiped from the line.

    Turns out, she knew of my activities. Probably not as much as I got away with it, but, when she moved out, we were talking, saying goodbye, and she mentioned my "already having my undies to remember me by".. It was in fun and with a sly grin, so she wasn't upset about it. Only meant to say, yeah, I know you have my undies and blue bikini. And I still did.

    Sadly, the next downstairs neighbor was the landlord's cranky, flat-chested, entirely unappealing daughter. Never wanted to swipe anything of hers. Had to enjoy the biker's chicks stuff.

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