Hot neighbor

I am married but this new 19 year old neighbour is something any man would cheat on his wife for. A brunette with amazing b**** and ass. I would stand looking out my bathroom window to see her suntan, I was so jelous. One day she asked me to help her build a clothing line, I was incredibely happy with this. 1: I spent most of the time looking at her bikini body, 2: She would be putting her imtimates on this very line, begging me to take them. Surely, the same day she hangs up about 10 pairs of panties. I hopped the fence ran over and pulled a red micro gstring off the line I go home and j*** off sniffing and wearing it till I leave a huge c** mess. I later return it still cummed, and s***** a black thong. Same results. I c** in as much panties as I can. But just yesterday, I found this very dirty lime green gstring. Probably she forgot to put this in her washing machine. It had crusty stains and a brown stain on the line. I sniff these everyday, while jerking off into other pairs.

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