I'm now 29 and a mom. When I was age 8 I was sitting on my bed and my mirrored dresser was in front of me. Looking into the mirror one day my dad wasn't aware I was home. I was a quiet child. Dad came up the stairs & went in his room which I saw in the mirror. Not knowing I was even home, he got undressed. He was nude!
I was fascinated by it. He walked around nude for a while so I saw everything back and front. His p**** swayed as he moved which was adorable. Finally he got other clothes on and left. I was sooo naughty I am still surprised at myself. That experience set me up for secretly having a huge crush on him which is still there & he's over 50.
I still feel sexually attracted to him. Anyone have a similar thing happen?
Am I unusual?

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  • I kind of had the same story, got home earlier than I was supposed to, dad didn't think anyone was home, got naked and walked in the kitchen to get something.

    I remember thinking, "that's a p****? god its ugly". Never thought, boy my dad has a nice d***, I was much more, yuck than wow

  • I'm a guy & I'm not gay, just always preferred c*** over p**** when I was growing up, minus the c**, and my dad walked around the house naked alot. I mean, I'd come out of my room & we'd run into each other in the hallway and he'd cover up. But, he had a really big c***. He'd also suggest us go swimming naked. I think one time we did that, but I mainly chose not to cuz I'm always subconcious about my size. Sometimes when I think about that, if I did that more, I would like to pull off my trunks while I'm hard just once. AND, before all of that when I was still little, he used to have us shower with him. I thought it was normal, especially as long as there's no touching. It is right? Anyways, I couldn't help but stare at his big c*** each time. Little surprised he never tried getting me to put my mouth on it. Last time he ever said anything, I was probably 15 & my stepmom was out of town for the wknd, and I just got out of the shower or pool, got dressed & was sitting on the couch watching tv, and after while he asked me if I wanted to shower with him. Of course, I said no. But again, also thought if I just got up & started stripping on my way into there.

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