Family and nudists fantasy

I have a huge fantasy of meeting a family that likes being nude and hanging with them. Love the idea of seeing a mom and young daughter nude togerher while me and dad sit with rock hard erections. Are their any families that would be into this. Or moms or dads that like is idea too. Hit me up id love to chat



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  • My wife and I are nude or just underwear most of the time we are home. Our 11 year old daughter has gotten into it lately and we don't really think much of it. We are very open about it. My wife and I have s** when our daughter is in the room with us and neither of us are uncomfortable about it.

  • Love to have your daughter at the same time

  • Id love to chat with you. Email me at hornywoburn80@gmail very hot that you are that open. Wish i grew up like that

  • Sounds very fun. How many in family?

  • Our family has the option to be nude we mainly go nude in summer

  • Hi. Email me at hornywoburn80@gmail

  • My c*** is so hard just thinking about it

  • I have always wanted to go on a nudist holiday with my wife and step daughters.

  • Very hot. How old are step daughters?

  • Love to hear mail

  • Love the sound of that too

  • My family is always naked in front of each other. It's natural.

  • Your my type of family. Lets chat

  • I could not have any other kind of family.

  • I want to go to the local nudist resort but I am concerned I will have a rahging h****** all the time looking at the nice, tight, hairless, young c****

  • I take you have never been to a nudist camp? You carry a book around and if you are to get an erection you discreetly put it in front of it, as for the way you talk, nudists will spot this straight away, I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it just needs to be more discreet in your actions and language

  • Deleting this post. Wish there were real people that wanted to tal or meet for real but only people that want to avoid real chat and play fantasy. Not what this is about. Anyone real feel free to email me at hornywoburn80 at g mail. And to the maine fam"if u are a fam" gl. No more using my post for fantasy. Real only here.. Official 24 hr notice. And its done. Hope to here from real ppl by email... We shall see

  • If you really wanted to be involved in nudism then join a nudist camp.
    But that's not what you truly want! Don't try to be all righteous about it, as for talking private this is so you can gain personal information for yourself for what ever gain that might be', government or perverted.

    Don't come on sordid sights like this one and try acting all noble! If you want to erase the post don't wait do it now!!

  • Anyone that wants to chat to me about my confession here. Mail me at hornywoburn80 at gmail

  • I am not the either of the two previous people.But I would also be interested in vistiting your family sometime

  • How long would you be thinking of staying for?

  • Im in boston and still interested in coming to stay.

  • As long you don't mind sharing a bed with one of my daughters, as we don't have much room and they are single beds, I hope you don't mind?

  • If it was me I would INSIST on sleeping with your youngest girl, love to slip it in her tight bald p****

  • Mmmmm same here. Boston here

  • I don't if I can put two people up at once, it would be very cramped for two men and a girl in a single bed?

  • One in her ass one in her p**** no problem

  • Where in the US are you located. Id like to share a bed with the youngest for the first few nights then switch and share with the oldest. I also sleep nude. Do they?

  • We live in maine, yes we all sleep nude.
    I like how consciencious you are if you get back quite soon as my girls and wife have questions too

  • I am hare to answer any questons they have. Are they home now? I have questions for them too

  • Yes all three are here I will leave you all to it ask away Julie the youngest is very excited

  • Tell Julie im excited too. Hope she likes to play and explore. Has she ever played with a p**** while its hard? Will you wife maybe teach her with me?

  • This is Julie's mom, Julie has never touched a man P Lucy has, she is the eldest.
    Me and my husband do have s** in front of the girls so they know what is what,
    I guess you and I could show both of the girls too, the best thing would be if us 4 shared my bed and my husband go sleep in one of the girls bed's it would teach them diversity.

    How old are you, what do you look like please describe?

  • Im 35. I am 5'10" 185lbd brown hair blue eyes. Beard. I have a nice 7.5"cut p. And am in good shape. The four of us sharing your bed sounds like a great idea. Anything that you would want me to show them spesificly? What do you look like? Wouldn't it be easier if we chatted on a messenger app or email instead of here?

  • It keeps blocking me

  • Whats blocking you?

  • The internet

  • Hey it's me(the one you asked if I was a vegan or anything) are the girls and wife there to talk?

  • Yes they just finished there breakfasts

  • What do the girls and wife look like?

  • Is her p**** wet?

  • Would you like to ask one of the girls a question or my wife?

  • It depends

  • It depends?How long would you like?Also if I may ask which country your family lives in?

  • Couple of months if you are alright with that?
    USA, I hope you don't mind sharing with one of my daughters?

  • We don't have to move the conversation either if you don't want

  • Let's leave the conversation here, I have 2 daughters they are both excited to be getting a visiter, maybe you could alternate?

  • Are you still there??

  • As for the alternating thing it sounds fine

  • Are you alright being with nudists? What kind of things do you like doing?

  • Yes I am alright with it.I like doing all sorts of stuff like playing games frisbee,checkers,indoor and outdoor games)So pretty much anything fun

  • What kind of things do you eat? I. E. Are you vegetarian, vegan, etc...

    We like thoughts kind of games, as well especially twister it's a lot of fun.

    My wife asked if you was thinking of coming alone or if you had a girlfriend, she said I should ask

  • I am not to picky about what I eat and I do eat meat.And I would be coming alone.

  • Would you like to speak to one of the girls or my wife, you know get to know them a bit or ask them something?

  • Sure I would like to know more about them

  • Plus which country are you from?

  • The U.S

  • Yeah

  • I wouldn't mind at all.Would you like to move this conversation else where though?

  • We are nudists you are welcome to come and stay for a while but my daughters are quite young

  • Impossible to be too young for me

  • Lets chat. Jhrocker@gmail

  • Im very much ok with that. What happens though if they see me aroused. I wouldn't want to offend you. But i get hard alot. Lol. Where are you from. Please email me at jhrocker81@gmail

  • I can't email at the moment, don't worry about being aroused it's natural and my wife is a very beautiful woman.

    How long would you be looking to stay for? And I hope you don't mind but you will have to share one of the girls beds as we don't have any spare beds

  • I dont mind at all. Id like to stay for at least a few weeks to get used to you all. And im sorry but the idea of sharing a bed with on of your lil girks just got me even harder. I move in my sleep. My c*** might slide in her lil slit a bit... Would you like that? How olds the one you want me to be in bed with?

  • One 9 and the other is 11, you can share either or if you're concerned about getting hard you can share with my wife? But when I messaged my wife and girls earlier about having a visiter for couple of months, the girls were super excited you would share with one of them or maybe alternate?

    It's up to you? If you don't mind which ever you would prefer? I do like to be a good host,

  • Maybe on the first night we can all just touch and get comfy with eachother. Id love to be in all three of them if your ok with that

  • Not sure what you mean? Do you want to have mine and my wife's bed with the two girls in there and my wife?
    It is a king size so I guess you could I will sleep in one of the girls beds then, it will be quite cramped in there, will you be alright with that?

  • I have to get some work done. If you want to keep talking. Email me. Gave it to you. And more secure there

  • I'm back home now, I've things to do my self, like I said can't email at the moment, but my wife and daughters are here speak with them

  • Yes. Would you be ok with letting you wife show your girls what to do with with an arroused mans p**** thats not thier dads? Or have you already taught them that?

  • Me and my wife have s** in front of the girls is that what you mean?

  • Morning

  • Hello are you there?

  • Hi. Morning. How are your wife and girls today?

  • Very well thank you, the girls and my wife are very excited about you visiting.
    They have all agreed that you 4 will be sharing the bed with them
    Julie the youngest was asking what kind of things will we alk be doing?

  • Can you email me. This post is getti g a bit long and it would be easier to talk on email.

  • I did explain that I was unable too, and this one is different to previous?!

  • What do you mean different?

  • The emails different to the previous and like I said my youngest wants to know what kind of things we will be doing?

  • I am not the either of the two previous people.But I would also be interested in vistiting your family sometime

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