What's the point

Every guy I have ever come across only sees me as a s** object. I always refuse to give them what they want, and yet, they still just want to get in my pants. It's been making me feel so crappy about myself, like I'm not good enough even though they give Me all sorts of compliments. It makes me wonder if I should just give up on love and humanity, and just become a real s** object. Like an escort. At least then I'd get paid for feeling like shlt. Who would care

Dec 2, 2014

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  • You are a s** object. Live with it. We all are.

  • F*** off.

  • You control what you think and do. You are the one who refuses to give them something and you are the one who is unhappy.

  • Try this one day.. just give in and let happen what's gonna happen. You might enjoy it.

    You're looking for long term, companionship, etc. That doesn't have to stop. You can still look for that.

    But if the opportunity arises, give them what they want and see if you don't enjoy the h*** out of it.. you might!

    I know many many people who connected and have had long term relationships.. after meeting over a one night stand. It got all of the tension and awkwardness out of the way. They basically decided in the morning whether they were compatible (if so, great) or not (then each one just walked away no strings attached)

    Try it.. you might just like it!

  • YOU would care. And that's all that matters. The idea of surrendering to the perceived sleight is not good for a number of reasons, almost all of which you know. The one you may not yet see is that, by following that course, you'd be acknowledging to yourself that "they" are all correct, when you know that "they" aren't. Try to develop more confidence in yourself and in your independence, and more so, confidence in your knowledge that your self-worth and your happiness are not subject to the influence (much less, under the control) of men. Trust me when I tell you: we men aren't smart enough or perceptive enough to warrant that level of trust. Be your own person, and eventually someone who appreciates that -- AND who thinks you're sexy -- will come along and worship the ground you walk on. Literally.

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