Need to explain this to me

I just don't understand the whole incest thing. I can catch a glance of a girls side-b***, or girl with a nipple h****** on tv and am instantly aroused. But I have seen my sisters and mother topless and in some cases naked and not once have I gone, "i'd like to hit that".

At some point, don't they go from "female objects" to people and your mind is programmed not to react that way to certain people?

All I see out here are family s** ideas, and I'm a perfectly normal, h**** 16 year old, but you couldn't pay me to have s** with someone in my family. It just isn't of interest.

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  • You have to do it to really understand what it feels like. Being with a family member gives you the most intense o*****. S** with my sister was the best s** I'd ever had.

  • S** with family is so hot!!

  • It builds special bonds between family members, especially siblings.

  • A large number of the "confessions" on this site are bullshit, posted by obsessive people with no lives. Something to keep in mind.

  • I agree there some people who lie, but some don't. S** between consenting adult family members is in my mind ok, as long as you use birth control.

  • I think it affection between family members and it isn't always planned.

  • I think incest can be a positive thing, especially between a mother and son.

  • Unless you've either done it, or come close, it's not something you can really understand. I've been messing around with my hot older sister for years, we both enjoy it, and have no plans on stopping. We've had weekends together, slept in the same hotel bed with friends, and a few of my guy friends know. They're not only non-judgemental, but, envious.

    Bottom line is, if those involved enjoy it and keep things in perspective, it's actually a healthy thing. Nice to have a go-to person for s**, to relieve stress or just be with someone who understands you. I didn't even give up s** with her during my marriage, and, especially the last year or so, when things got really bad with ex and myself, I needed the stress relief my hot sister provided.

  • I should clarify part of that..I meant, slept in the same hotel bed, naked, in the same room as friends. We helped move one of her friends kids to college halfway across the state, and stayed overnight after a 5-hour trip and long day moving. Sister and I were naked under the covers, in the same bed, only a few feet away from her friend's bed in the hotel room. We certainly weren't all in the same bed!

  • Basically you've been brainwash to believe that incest is something so disgusting, perverted, dirty or vile that you began to attain a guilt complex causing you to subconsciously repress incestuous feeling and desires that are nothing more then normal and natural traits of our human essence.. therefore perverting the natural human nature, thoughts/beliefs into something unnatural and not meant to be...

  • I just can speak about my experiences. When I was a kid, I used to play with my older sister, some innocent games, but we spent too much time alone, the games became more sexually oriented, we started touching each other, until we "almost" had s**, but we were too young, I think we both had no idea about intercourse. Anyway the games were exciting and we just followed our instincts. Later on I also got aroused by watching my mother, but it was a long process, unplanned, I liked the feeling when I sometimes slept with her, I remember putting my hands between her thighs, I just liked the sensations and little by little those feelings became sexual.

  • For me it was simply convenience. I was h****, my younger sister was easily manipulated and I wanted to c**. She was there, I would get her to play games and eventually they would turn naughty. I would be lying if I said she got as much pleasure as I did, but I know she enjoyed it. We never went all the way, but eventually I would get a hand job every time. I never penetrated her, but I did rub her in all the right places.

  • Ill explain the incestous side and no its not 'innocent being corrupted' the Real answer is its a Fetish something so forbidden its considered one of the worst acts but for some its mostly sexual and goes no further then s**, and in some cases cousins have married each other but thats different, i know personally i just got over that fetish after stupidily kissing my cousin i felt like i achieved something but felt ashamed and it was no longer exciting for us in my opinion some incest cases are mostly an experimental faze. im keeping my name anonymous i dont want people knowing my name and im over 18 btw

  • Most incest fantasies are based on the "innocent being corrupted". Its the "It's wrong so it turns me on thing". I would be very surprised if there are more than 5% truth in any of the incest postings out here.

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